Wenchang's Business environment keeps progressive momentum

In recent years, Wenchang has witnessed continuous improvement in business environment. And a series of policies and measures implemented to benefit enterprises and people have let them both gain a lot.  

Simplification of approval process 

The "one window acceptance" window of Wenchang Municipal Service Center. (Photo by Yuan Chen/ Hainan Daily)

On July 1 of this year, the "one window acceptance" window of Wenchang Municipal Service Center formally started its business. And relevant departments and units are stationed in. Han Rui, a Wencheng resident who had been longing to start his own factory hurried to the window early in the morning. "I heard that I could go through the whole process in one day, so I came here as soon as possible," under the guidance of the staff, Han Rui completed all procedures on the same day. Excitedly, he raised his business license, grinned and took a selfie with his mobile phone. Then he proudly shared the photo with his Wechat group: "Hey look, all certificates were handled and obtained in one day!"

Statistics shows that the first half of 2019 saw 3747 new market entities added in Wenchang, an increase of 49.3%. At the 8th Hainan Wenchang Nanyang Culture Festival held in Wenchang this year, Yun Haiqing, a representative of entrepreneurs and president of the Hong Kong Wenchang Association said that Wenchang offers a big arena for entrepreneurs. He called on entrepreneurs to "seize the opportunity of a lifetime of Hainan to build a pilot free trade zone and free trade port and participate in the construction of our hometown."

The real hot spot for investing

 Haiwen Bridge connecting Haikou and Wenchang Puqian Town has been completed and opened to traffic. (Photo by Yuan Chen/ Hainan Daily)

On March 18 this year, as the Haiwen Bridge connecting Haikou and Wenchang Puqian Town was completed and opened to traffic, the distance between the two places was shortened from one and a half hours' drive to half an hour. Puqian has returned to the vision of entrepreneurs because of its port advantages.

On December 12, 2018, modern fishery cooperation demonstration industrial park between Hainan and Taiwan settled in Puqian, with the planned total investment area of 3,000 mu and the planned investment of 8.5 billion yuan. It will become the second largest high-end fishery trading market in Asia.

In addition to focusing on infrastructure development, Wenchang has maintained its advantage of natural environment. With the successful launch of Hainan's first commercial satellite “Wenchang Super-computing 1” in January, Wenchang took the lead in launching a resource and environmental supervision big data platform to strictly prevent and control the destruction of ecological environment. The rate of good air quality of Wenchang city reached 96.6%.

Wenchang Doctoral Service Workstation is the first doctoral service workstation in Hainan province. (Photo by Yuan Chen/ Hainan Daily)

In 2018, Wenchang successfully  brought in 27 industrial projects, and signed 15 contracts with agreed investment of 35.46 billion yuan. In the first half of 2019, Wenchang  attracted more than 20 industrial projects, with a total investment of 6.84 billion yuan. The city's fixed asset investment growth rate ranked the third in the province. 

Wenchang Talent Entrepreneurship Base provides assistance for Wenchang small and middle entrepreneurship projects.(Photo by Yuan Chen/ Hainan Daily)

To build the start-up zone of international aerospace city

According to Wenchang municipal government, with the finalized plan on Hainan Wenchang International Aerospace City, 18,000 mu of land between Wenchang and Qinglan areas has been selected as the start-up zone of Wen Chang International Aerospace City.

Since this year, Wenchang has successively launched the first commercial remote sensing satellite “Wenchang Super-computing 1” and the first commercial communication satellite “Wenchang IOT 1” in Hainan province. With these two commercial satellites, Wenchang takes the lead in developing aerospace big data industry, which has attracted widespread concern.

According to the plan, the core of the industrial incubation zone of Aerospace City’s start-up zone is the industrial cluster project of aerospace super-computing center. And up to now, a number of aerospace digital economy industry projects have been incubated, such as Wenchang Aerospace International Film and Television Center, the big data index project of Hangzhou Shuliang Technology Company and Wenchang Aerospace Media Company, etc..

Meanwhile, the relocation and resettlement work of the supporting projects in Hainan Aerospace Launch Site has been fully initiated, bringing in excellent enterprises for the construction and steadily propelling the investment promotion.

Source: Hainan Daily

Responsible editor: 陈书敏
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