The 10th "Hai Chuang Cup" Hainan Entrepreneurship Competition Finals rounded off

From October 18th to 19th, the Hainan Entrepreneurship Competition Finals of the 10th "Hai Chuang Cup" in 2019 successfully completed 150 projects in the four groups of the provincial enterprise group, toutside the provincial enterprise, the creative group and the poverty alleviation special group in Hainan University.Only at this stage, the 10th "Hai Chuang Cup" finals ended successfully.

The competition was hosted by Hainan Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, Hainan Provincial Education Department, Hainan Provincial Office of Poverty Alleviation, Hainan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, and Hainan Women's Federation, and undertaken by Hainan Provincial Human Resources Development Bureau.

 The provincial enterprise group competition site of the 10th "Hai Chuang Cup" finals in 2019 . [Photo/]

150 projects across the country participated in the competition 

Fiber optic temperature and pressure monitoring system, limb-assisted rehabilitation training exoskeleton robot, intelligent recovery system for measuring the amount of regeneration resources... the reporters saw in the four groups, the players took turns to showcase and accept the judges’s comments and scores with their respective projects. The projects involves medical, education, energy, entertainment, construction, artificial intelligence and other fields.

The judges are reviewing the entries. [Photo/]

Among them, the provincial enterprise group, outside the provincial enterprise group, and the poverty alleviation special group adopt the “5+3+1” mode, that is, the 5-minute project display, the 3-minute Q&A, and the 1-minute scoring. Each group has 7 judges. Industry expert judges focus on questioning technology and industry-related issues. Investment institutions and entrepreneurs judges focus on questions such as development model and market value. Entrepreneurship research and service organization judges focus on asking the questions of social values. On the basis of this, the creative group added the “virtual investment”link for the first time, and adopted the “road show + virtual investment”approach for review.

“We bring a soilless cultivation green vegetable agriculture complex project. The green vegetables without soil cultivation have high yield and high quality, which can effectively face the high pesticide problem in the current agricultural products. We focus on low cost and can help soilless cultivation, facing with the current market situation of high investment costs and high operating costs," Chen Hai, a contestant from the provincial enterprise group, said that from the time they first signed up to the finals, they were unable to understand the development direction at the beginning, but through several rounds of teacher training, the judges' suggestions, borrowing from the opponents, it makes their team grow a lot. This is the help that the contest brings to their team.

Poverty alleviation projects boost the aim of getting rid of poverty

In recent years, employment and entrepreneurship in Hainan Province has focused on poverty alleviation and supported a number of employment and entrepreneurship projects with industry poverty alleviation as the main line. For the first time, the “Hai Chuang Cup” has set up a poverty alleviation project. With the “industrial development of poor villages” as the direction, it will collect excellent projects for the industrial development of poverty-stricken villages in the city, and help the poverty-stricken enterprises to innovate and innovate.

The poverty alleviation special group competition site of the 10th "Hai Chuang Cup" finals in 2019. [Photo/]

“In this competition, there are relatively many excellent poverty alleviation projects. Through the promotion on the competition platform, it can be more recognized, and good projects can be introduced into towns and villages to achieve goal of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization,”said Wu Kunren, a judge of the poverty alleviation special group.He told the reporter that the poverty alleviation special competition was carried out in a single proposition, with the title of “Industrial Development of Poor Villages”. The participating projects involved various fields in Hainan, which fully reflected the achievements of Hainan’s poverty alleviation. For example, the development of special projects such as raising chickens and raising crayfish can deeply integrate the climate resources of Hainan, and the government and enterprises give corresponding technical guidance and financial support to form an industrial poverty alleviation model of “government + enterprise + poor households”, which is a poverty alleviation industry,bringing practical social benefits and enabling poor households to achieve basic poverty alleviation.

A group of enterprises outside the province will gather in Hainan

It is the first time for "Hai Chuang Cup" to hold the competition outside the province this year. The "Hai Chuang Cup" has held preliminary competitions in Guangzhou and Wuhan. It has radiated 24 provinces and cities and attracted more than 300 quality projects. The competition is inclusive and objective and impartial. It has built a bridge between Hainan and other enterprises and talents across the country, and has won wide acclaim from innovative entrepreneurs everywhere.

"The competition allows us to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Hainan's industrial policies, and also allows us to see Hainan's future development opportunities more clearly. When we come to Hainan, we also see a broader space for development. The market is not only domestic, there is also the opportunity to expand to Southeast Asia, and even the world," Xu Xiaohu, the operator of the final provincial business group and the head of Wuhan Measurement Technology Co., Ltd., said that his project team is mainly engaged in the research and development of optical fiber temperature monitoring system. The fiber optic temperature and pressure monitoring system has the characteristics of strong adaptability, strong corrosion resistance and long service life, and can be applied in combustible ice mining projects. Xu Xiaohu believes that the project is very suitable for the development of Hainan. After the competition, the team considered coming to Hainan to open a branch.

The Creative Team Competition of the 10th "Hai Chuang Cup" finals in 2019 .  [Photo/]

Li Jinhe, the judge of the provincial enterprise group finals and the investment partner of Beijing Bowei Zhihong, said that the organizers of the “Hai Chuang Cup”will extend the competition area outside the province this year, which is to make the government, the provincial startups and the provincial startups “win-win”. The initiative will not only promote the exchange of entrepreneurial teams inside and outside the province, but also spark the ideological and creative sparks. It will also enable more domestic outstanding entrepreneurs to understand Hainan and attract them to come to Hainan to build a Free Trade Pilot Zone and Free Trade Port with Chinese characteristics.

This competition attracted more than 1,700 projects and more than 5,000 participants

The 10th "Hai Chuang Cup" Hainan Entrepreneurship Competition started in June this year and has lasted for 4 months, attracting more than 1,700 projects from all over the country, and more than 5,000 people participated. During the competition, the competition also hosted more than 70 activities and services, covering cities from Hainan to the countryside. It is the highest-ranking and wide-ranging event in history.

Zhao Wei, member of the party group of the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Hainan Province and secretary of the party group and director of the Provincial Human Resources Development Bureau, said that the competition has been adhering to the initial intention of “starting employment through entrepreneurship” and “facing the grassroots and service grassroots”. It will strive to become a window for Hainan Free Trade Pilot Zone and China's Free Trade Port to attract talents, and promote more projects to grow in Hainan, attract more talents to Hainan.

As one of the provincial events held earlier in the country, the “Hai Chuang Cup” will continue to expand the scope and depth of Hainan's economic and social development, and set up a show stage for the majority of Hainan entrepreneurs. The past nine years of the competition attracted over 9000 projects. More than 30,000 people participated in many projects.The competition has become an important entrepreneurial brand event in Hainan Province.

Responsible editor: 陈书敏
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